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Updated 2/27/2023


Accessing the New Customer Portal

If you did not receive an email with your new account number, please check your junk email folder.  If you did not receive an email, please send a message to with the subject: NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER REQUEST.

1. Upon accessing the new Customer Portal for the first time, go to the Online payment website and at the bottom select Register under login.


2.  Enter in your Email, Name and Password. Phone Number is optional. Select Register, when done.

*Note: Secure passwords are at least six characters long, include capital and lowercase letters, include at least one number, and include at least one special character (!, +, @, #, /, etc.)

3.  An email is sent to your email address to confirm that your address is correct (email will come from either of the following email addresses :,, or   . Check your email to find the “Thanks for registering!” email.


4.  Click the link in the email to confirm your email address and activate your account. The link returns you to the login page for your online services website.

5.  Log in using your email address and password.

6.  Click on Link to Add to My Services.

7.  Click on Link for Customer Portal.

8.  Click on Add Account.

              *Note: You will be prompted to input your Account Number and Last Payment Amount.  If we have your last email address on file and email will be sent to your email with new account number by 02/27/23. If you we do not have your email address or if you do not receive an email please send an email to with the subject line:  New Account Number Request


9. Account number will need to be entered to include dashes (Example: 01-1234567890-00).  For last payment amount, customer should enter $0.00.