Information for Homebuilders and Developers


If a lot does not have water service established, please contact Water Utility Management (WUM) to schedule a survey for a tie-in. Homeowners/homebuilders should clearly mark property corners for the lot desiring service, as well as the intended location for the water meter/meter box. This avoids any confusion and prevents meters from interfering with plans for driveways or mailbox locations. During a survey for tie-in, WUM will determine your distance from a water main and ascertain the material, labor, and permitting costs necessary to establish service at your address.

Once the survey is completed a WUM representative will report the findings to you, and communicate the tie-in fees required. WUM requires an application with supporting documents prior to setting up an account at that address. While the survey is being completed, homeowners/homebuilders should submit an application for service, ownership documentation for the property, building permit, and, if an individual, a photo ID.

In some counties a building permit cannot be issued until water service is established, if you are in one of these counties please notify the office when you are setting up your survey. Customers in these areas will need proof of ownership or management agreement.

As soon as WUM receives all necessary documentation and payment, a work order will be issued for your property to tie-in to the water system and install your meter. Your tie-in will be completed as soon as it can be scheduled into the work order list. Please allow two weeks for the work to be completed. Additional time may be required if supplemental permitting is required.


Tie-ins fall into two categories, either a homeowner/homebuilder/lot owner is seeking to establish water service for construction/residential use, or they are attempting to put water service on the property so the property may be sold with water service on it.

The following policies apply to these situations:

If a customer is establishing water service for use, as part of the tie-in, customers will receive a service line to the property, a water meter, and a meter box. WUM will install the meter, and bury the box in the agreed upon location, 2″ above the grade of the yard. The customer is responsible for safeguarding this box and the meter from damage or theft. Additionally, customers are responsible for installing a water line from the meter to the property so they may begin using the water and for any plumbing to a house or other structure on the property. If WUM finds a meter or meter box damaged or missing, they will be charged for those items.

In addition to safeguarding the meter and box from theft or damage, customers are responsible for ensuring the meter box remains visible and accessible to the utility company. This means that any alteration to the landscaping must result in the meter box being shifted to remain 2″ above grade. Also, if the meter is covered by sod, dirt, or concrete, customers must pay for another tap, or for the labor and materials to uncover and/or relocate the meter and meter box.

If customers are establishing water service that will not be used in the near future, WUM will install the service lateral to the property and “stub it out” above ground. This practice makes the line visible, and hopefully, prevents its damage. Additionally, WUM will lock the service lateral to prevent water theft. When customers are ready to use water on the lot, call WUM and they will install a meter, bury the meter in a meter box, and obtain an initial meter reading. There is a meter fee for us to come back to the address and set a meter. Also, each time the account changes ownership, there will be a new account set-up fee. Generally, it is more cost effective to have the meter installed at the time of the tie-in.


In many instances, a service lateral will be ‘stubbed out’ to a vacant lot. If a customer desires to use water on the property, they must contact the water company for a meter and set up an account. Additionally, homebuilders will be required to pay a refundable $200 deposit. Any homebuilder caught using water on a property without an account will be referred to law enforcement for theft of services. Water Utility Management also reserves the right to deny service to a new address if a past due amount is owed on other accounts held by a homebuilder.

Any past due amount that exceeds $500 will result in a lien being filed against the serviced property.