The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Georgia Environmental Protection Divisions (GA EPD), and WUM all play powerful roles in making sure the water that flows from your tap is safe.

Through the SDWA, EPA sets various standards that water utilities throughout the country MUST meet. The SDWA also requires EPA to identify contaminants that need to be regulated in drinking water and set limits for those contaminants. Water utilities are then required to monitor for them for drinking water safety. So that’s how WUM water quality is protected, but how can customers understand their local water?

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) are compiled summaries of the previous year’s laboratory test results of possible contaminants.  CCRs are published by July of the current year, a CCR is a great way to educate yourself on your local water quality. Please contact our office to better understand your tap water, especially if you have questions or concerns about it. Microbiological (Bac-T) sampling occurs monthly. For other laboratory tests, including Lead and Copper, the sampling schedule is determined by the Georgia EPD, based upon regulations and the results of previous tests.

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