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Attention Former Chatham County Customers
Your first bill from WUM has been sent. 
You are still billed at the same base rates charged by Chatham County:
$24 for 2 months of water service
$34.65 for 2 months of sewer service

This first bill is pro-rated for service dating back to your final bill from Chatham County, so your base rate will be more if it has been more than 2 months since your last bill, or less if it has been fewer days. (Water base rates are $.40 per day, Sewer base rates are $.58 per day).

Our billing software applied base rates for service dating back to January 6, instead of from your last Chatham County bill. We discovered this error after the bills were sent.  The dates of Chatham County's last bills vary by neighborhood/route. We are in the process of applying the following credits to accounts in these routes:
Route                                                           Water & Sewer Credit Amount
Ferguson/Sandfly                                   $40.18
Glen of Robin Hood                                $26.46
Lehigh and Shipyard  (Water Only)          $5.60
Moon River Bend (Water Only)                $5.60
Neva                                                       $26.46
Norwood Ave (East Side)                        $26.46
Norwood Ave (West Side)                       $13.72
Pin Point (Water Only)                               $5.60
Planter's Common                                    $21.56
Paxton Heights                                         $20.58
Rivers Bend (Water Only)                          $5.60
Rivers Edge (Water Only)                          $5.60
Sheftall Bluff & Remington                       $26.46
Summit Ridge (Water Only)                       $5.60
Tara                                                          $40.18
Winterberry                                               $26.46
Wylly Island                                              $26.46
Wymberly                                                 $26.46

You may reduce your payment by the amount appropriate to your neighborhood, or simply look online or call us for your corrected balance.

Since some customers' bill periods exceed 60 days, we have elected to apply only the lowest County rates for usage for this billing.  They are as follows:
$1.00 per 100 cubic ft - for water
$1.90 per 100 cubic ft - for sewer

If you have any questions about your bill, please call us.
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Water Utility Management designs, permits, constructs, acquires, maintains, and operates community water and wastewater systems in Georgia. We are dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and quality water and wastewater service to our customers; and to providing an outstanding customer experience 24/7, every day. We are committed to preserving Georgia's natural resources, and to being a good corporate citizen.