Understanding Your Bill

Bill Higher Than Normal?

Download our Leak Check document for more information on checking for household leaks. For account inquiries or additional assistance with an unexpected high water bill, please contact our office.

Helpful Tip:

Read your meter periodically and record the results! This helps with water conservation practices and in identifying water leaks ahead of time.

Service Address

The Service Address is your service location -i.e. the address where you receive service.   A customer may have multiple service address locations, if they have multiple properties, or multiple dwellings on a property.

Account Number

Your Account Number is a number unique to you as a customer.  Most customers will only have a single account number, unless they have multiple service addresses.  You will need your account number to make phone or internet transactions with us.

Due Date and Late Fee
This is a date approximately 20 days from the bill date. Please pay by midnight on this date. If you pay after the due date, a $15.00 late fee is added to the Total Due.
Statement Date
This is the date the bill is printed and sent to the post office.   All due dates, and suspension dates are based from this date.
Service Period
These date fields indicate your billing period, which will be roughly 60 days.
Meter Readings and Consumption
By subtracting your previous meter read from your current read, we determine how much water has been consumed over the billing period. This consumption is the basis for water and sewer charges.

The graph displays a history of water consumption used over the previous billing statements.  

Services Provided
These are all services for which WUM bills.  They include:

Street Lights
HOA Fees
Trash Removal

Bill Amount

We calculate your bill based upon your consumption according to your rates and services setup at your service address.

Amount Due if Paid After Due Date

If you pay after the due date stated on your billing statement, a $15.00 late fee is added to your Amount Due.

Final Bill
If you are moving out of a service location, we will apply your deposit (if applicable) and mail a final bill to close your service with us. When you request to terminate service, we will dispatch a technician to get a final reading from your meter. Your final bill will use the final reading, and will account for all services and usage from your last bill until the move-out date.