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Water Charities

Water Utility Management is proud of the service we provide to our customers. We know the infrastructure and hard work that goes into providing clean, safe, regulated drinking water, right to homes. That anyone can simply turn a lever at the sink, bath, or icemaker, and receive treated drinking water, is a modern miracle. We also know that, in Georgia, we take for granted the water resources we enjoy. We even use this pristine water to spray on our grass, or to flush our toilets!

For many people around the world, access to clean drinking water is not so easy. Families must often spend hours of daily labor just to transport water in containers from a well or river. Because water is absolutely vital to human life, people have no choice, and must do whatever it takes to get water. Access to clean water sources, and competition for those sources, is a major driver of local and even international conflict.

We believe that access to clean drinking water is vital to human life, and to promoting healthy communities. We believe that helping communities maintain access to drinking water is an essential way to reduce disease, poverty, and conflict worldwide. Here is a list of charities that provide clean drinking water access to communities in need:

List of Water Charities

The Water Project

Water Engineers for the Americas


United Way of Genesee County - Flint Water Fund

The California Drought

World Water Relief