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Water Quality and Water Resources

All of the water provided by Water Utility Management comes from underground aquifers in Georgia, most commonly the Floridan Aquifer System. This source of water is a vast limestone formation located approximately 300-400 feet below ground, under a layer of clay. As water filters through the earth, it becomes very clean; the Floridan Aquifer System naturally contains some of the cleanest water in the world.

To ensure your water complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act, each community water system operates under a permit. Each permit is issued and overseen by the State of Georgia. Water Utility Management collects water from the water systems and sends samples to the State for analysis. The results of these laboratory tests are recorded in a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). To view a printable document (.pdf) of your community water system’s operating permit or CCR, please click here. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

To learn more about this water resource, and water issues in Georgia, please see below.

Helpful Resources & Conservation Information

the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission

-a GA EPD resource

the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Georgia Rural Water Association

Georgia Conservancy

Environmental Protection Agency

Georgia Utility Protection Center

Info on the Floridan Aquifer