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How To Pay Online

Water Utility Management accepts online payments!

Our online payment system allows payments to be processed and credited into your account within 24 hours. By creating an online account, you can select your payment method; sign up for email notifications; and view your account information online (billing history, usage history, payment history, payment status, etc.). By utilizing these tools, you can ensure that your bill is paid on-time, every time.

Paying On-Line After the Due Date

Make sure to check your bill for the DUE DATE. All payments (including on-line payments) must be received by midnight (12:00AM EST) on the DUE DATE to avoid any fees or penalties. If you are paying after midnight, your late fee will post to the account and cannot be waived.

Suspended Accounts

If you received notice that your account is about to be suspended due to nonpayment, your payment (including on-line payments) must be received by midnight (12:00 AM) on the suspension date indicated in your notice. After 12:00 AM on the suspension date, the suspension fee will be automatically posted on your account and cannot be waived. On the next business day, a field technician will be dispatched to physically terminate your water service until your entire balance is paid, including all fees.

If you make a payment after the suspension date, but prior to your water service being physically terminated, you must still pay the suspension fee. You may, however, allow us to catch our field technician by phone and spare the aggravation of having your water service physically terminated.

Suspended accounts will be scheduled for re-instatement when all fees are paid in full. We will restore water service to reinstated accounts within the next business day.

Water Utility Management accepts the following forms of online payment:

1. One-time Credit Card Transaction -a customer can view their bill and elect to pay it one time via credit card. There is a convenience charge that is added to the transaction in the amount of 3% of the charged amount.

2. Recurring Credit Card Transactions -a customer can set up their credit card to be charged automatically to pay their bill on-time. A customer can adjust settings to set a charge limit, or they can chose not to limit the amount of the transaction, and ensure that the bill is always paid in full. Like a one-time credit card transaction, there is a 3% convenience fee on every recurring credit card transaction

3. Recurring ACH -this is a recurring transaction that is set up by the customer to debit their bank account for every bill on the due date to ensure that the bill is always paid on time, in full. There is NO CHARGE for this type of transaction.

**Note, ACH payments are treated like checks. If your bank account has non-sufficient funds, the transaction will fail and a NSF fee will be assessed.