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Water Utility Management, LLC
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Water Utility Management, LLC
PO Box 13705
Savannah, GA 31416

1. Location for which you are applying for service (911 Address)* :

2. Have you ever had service with WUM before?

3. Your Contact Information


4. Desired Move-In Date:      

5. In some neighborhoods, WUM has the exclusive right to provide trash service. In other select neighborhoods, WUM will provide trash service and bill as part of your water bill. If available, would you like to receive trash service through WUM?

6. Fees:
Depending on your service location, you may be subject to some combination of the following fees:

Type of Fee Fee Amount Terms
Establishment Fee $50 (Mandatory) sets up your customer account at a service location
Meter Fee $250 Paid only if your location needs a meter set
Tap Fee or Impact Fee** $1,650 plus cost Paid only id your location has never had active water service in the past (usually new neighborhoods or lots that have been vacany). Tap fees can vary by develoopment.

**Note- if you elect to have a meter installed and to begin water service at the time of paying your Tap Fee, your Meter Fee will be included in the Tap Fee price. If you elect to begin service at a later date ou must pay a separate Meter Fee to have the meter installed.

7. Deposits

Customer Type Deposit Amount Terms
Homebuilder $200.00 Refundable upon the sale of the home
Rentors/non-homeowners $100.00 Refundable when the account is closed
Homeowners ~$100 No deposit unless requested by the WUM because you have been delinquent on previous service with us.

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8. Billing
     Water Utility Management will post your utility bill approximately every 60 days (six bills a year). Water Utility Management sends bills and customer notices by email. We are happy to accommodate customers who want a paper bill. Water Utility Management charges a $1.00 fee for each paper bill.

Would you like :

We will be unable to process incomplete submittals. Please attach the following supporting documents to your online application:

  • Photo ID matching the person requesting service
  • Proof of residency -one of the following: Lease (1st page and signature page, dated and signed by all parties) Deed, Contract, Settlement Statement (HUD1) or a Statement from the Tax Assessor

10. Polices and Terms and Conditions of Service

     All information regarding our company, including policies and procedures, fees, and our Terms and Conditions of Service, is available on our website, www.waterga.com. By signing and submitting this application, you warrant that you have read and consent to abide by our policies and the Terms and Conditions of Service. You also warrant that you understand that no water or sewer service may be used on any property until you have established a utility account.

WUM will process your application within 2 business days and will contact you for payment.Upon receipt of payment, WUM will provide water service at an existing service location within 1 additional business day.

The undersigned hereby requests to be supplied with water and/or sewer service by Water Utility Management and has read and agrees to their Terms and Conditions of Service.